Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Clean Nuclear Energy for the 21st Century

Do you want inexhaustible clean energy without greenhouse gases, Sulfur Oxides, Nitrous Oxides, Volatile Organic Compounds, or Particulate Matter? Do you want a high standard of living (like the Americans or Germans or the French)?

Then nuclear energy is for you!

Before you jump up-and-down, keep an OPEN MIND, not the propaganda from the "Limousine-Environmentalists and Head-In-The-Sand Extremists".

I spoke at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers-NJ section about Nuclear Energy-Part 1: The Fuel Cycle.  Part 2 on nuclear reactor theory   will be presented by my colleague, Gary Prager.

My presentation covers the complete fuel cycle, from mining the ore, enrichment of U235, fabrication of the reactor fuel rods, separation and recovery of unburnt fuel, and disposition of spent fuel. It also covers the use of Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX) using enriched Uranium and Plutonium retired from about 40,000 surplus warheads from Soviet and US arsenals.

The presentation also covers the reason for politician's distaste in US and EU for nuclear power (which drew Westinghouse into bankruptcy), and what can be done about it.

A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here: